Virtual Tour: Central Waterfront, Part 1

Learn the stories behind the landscapes and buildings of Central Waterfront, from Bathurst Quay to the Simcoe Wavedeck. 

Started in 2020, our TSA Virtual On-Demand Tours are a unique initiative providing you the opportunity to explore Toronto right from the comfort of your own home. From the carefully arranged architectural ruins of Guild Park and Gardens to the eye-catching pods and Cinesphere of Ontario Place, our tours are filled with great images, videos and interesting facts that tell the story of our city and the people behind their design.

Our Virtual On-Demand Tours are designed to be experienced from home, so that everyone can visit and learn more about these amazing spaces from wherever they are! These tours were originally designed for and hosted on Instagram Stories (check us out at @tosoarch), but are now available on our website as clickable galleries. To begin your tour, simply click on the images below to start your walk.