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Framework Leadership: Webinar — Volunteers Leading Volunteers in Professional Contexts

A leadership session for volunteers leading volunteers in professional contexts of the built environment (e.g. architecture, consulting engineering, city-building).

Many organizations that contribute to better business and industry community within the built environment sector are dependent on volunteers.

In many cases, these volunteer leaders are dependent on other volunteers. Although volunteering can be incredibly personally and professionally rewarding, it is not without challenge. Organizational challenges such as volunteer transition, member recruitment and retention, and money, coupled with people dynamics of motivations, expectations, and limited resources can take volunteers away from the work they set out to accomplish to begin with.

Spoiler Alert: Not everything goes to plan and not everyone will (or should) agree on everything.

This session aims to support volunteers-leading-volunteers in how they engage, lead, manage and recognize people in their work toward achieving objectives. It will offer insights and approaches to staying mission-focused and delivering, while cultivating a culture of respect, recognition, and accountability.



  • Russell Pollard (he/him), MBA
    • Russell is a business and leadership development consultant for professional services firms of the built environment and contributor to Queer inclusion in business and the workplace. As a business-person, he is founder of Framework Leadership and Pride Talks™. He provides leadership development training, marketing and business development, and workplace culture advisory services for professional services firms.


Who should attend?

If you are volunteering on a working Board member or Committee leader in a volunteer capacity for an organization that is heavily dependent on volunteers, this is for you. If you are a volunteer and/or considering taking on a volunteer leadership role in the future, you are also invited to attend.

Discussion and references will be weighted to professions that serve the built environment professions and businesses, given speakers’ knowledge and experience. The schedule aims to offer reasonable time slots for folks.

The session will be a focused online presentation with auto-generated closed captioning and this does not constitute professional advisory.


As volunteers you already invest so much of your time in better industry.

Zoom with live transcription available

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When Wednesday, September 13th, 12:00pm EST

Where Virtual via Zoom