ADFF:ONLINE will take place from April to August 2024. Every two weeks, 1-2 films will be offered from the 2023/24 season.

Once the films are available, you will be able to watch them anytime you want in the 12-day viewing period. It will always start on a Wednesday and end 12 days later on a Sunday. Most films will include bonus content including Q&As, special shorts, and more.

Each film will cost $6. You will also be able to easily send any film as a gift to someone in the US or Canada.


The Genius of the Place: The Life and Work of Geoffrey Bawa
Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s famous tropical modernist, explores the ever-evolving beauty of life through architectural contributions that are as influential in Southeast Asia as Frank Lloyd Wright is in the Western world.
75 min | 2023 | Sri Lanka
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The Promise: Architect B.V. Doshi
The Promise honors the master architect B.V. Doshi, who passed away this year. Doshi’s incredible legacy of captivating modern designs is matched only by his reputation as a kind and generous human being.
91 min | 2023 | Germany
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When April 3 - 14

Where Online

Cost From $6