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Dec 14 2022 Exhibit /

Gingerbread City 2022

Physical Exhibit at The Maker Bean Café, 1052 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON (8:30 AM – 6:00 PM; Sundays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
Virtual Showcase on the TSA Website

Welcome to Gingerbread City!
We’ve been expecting you.

The Toronto Society of Architects’ Gingerbread City is a fantastical metropolis where you can eat the walls and taste the lamp posts. Back for its third year, Gingerbread City 2022 is filled with unique creations built by architects, bakers, and clever place makers including mouth-watering landmarks, tasty libraries, and freshly baked (and highly sustainable) renos!

New to this year is Kids’ Main Street, a sugar dusted, mixed-used virtual streetscape where you will find everything you need – from bowties to art supplies to all your dragon caring essentials.

Ready to explore? Click on the images below to take a closer look at these edible creations, see additional content including pictures, animations, and descriptions, and learn more about their design.

Want to see some of these creations in person? This year we have once again partnered with The Maker Bean Café where a selection of these edible creations are on display in the storefront window. Scroll down for more information about the in-person display, including the dates, store hours, and address.

2022 Showcase

If you are looking for a summary of some of the top architectural topics of the year, look no further than this year’s edible submissions. From cheeky references to heritage retention to exemplary net zero gingerbread retrofits, this year’s creations provide a tasty snapshot of our city under construction.

The Gooderham Building
Calum Tsang

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York Square
Michelle Chan

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Gingerbread Retrofit
MOSS SUND Architects and Homes to Zero

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Home for the Holidays
Sandra F. Smith Architects

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Beinecake Library
Thomas Guignard

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Umbra Concept Store
Joël León Danis

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Gingerbread Façade Retention
Kurt Kraler

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Gingerbread Eiffel Tower
Izen Architecture

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Roncesvalles United Gingerbread Church
Barb McLean

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Kids’ Main Street

What happens when kids’ are in charge of designing the city’s main thoroughfare? You get a lot of colour, creativity, and fun!

As part of this year’s TSA Gingerbread City we asked kids to help us design Main Street façades (architect speak for the front of a building), as part of two in-person workshops held at the Centre for Social Innovation. The delicious results are captured in the scrolling streetscape below. Click on the arrows at the bottom right of the image to go full screen and see all the wonderful detail done by these gingerbread architects! Happy exploring!



A special shout out to our amazing gingerbread architects (from left to right): Ada, Charlotte & Ethan, Nikita, Max, Max, River, Pamela, William, Alina, Sabina, TSA Staff, John, Juliana, Victoria, Charlotte, Maxim, Luna, Hazel, Otis, Teodoro, Frankie, Dena, Maple, Ethan, Hannah, Netta, Pendar, Eva, Sebastiano, Oscar.

Want to join in the fun from home?

Everyone can be a gingerbread architect in Kids’ Main Street! Make your very own façade at home with the 3 different Main Street templates we’ve prepared. Choose your favourite and print it off to use as a starting point! All of them have been sized for 8.5×11 paper for easy printing. You can also find recipes and gingerbread-making tips in our original Call for Submissions page.

When you are ready, don’t forget to share your creations with us by tagging us at @tosoarch!


Visit Gingerbread City at the Maker Bean Café!

Want to check out some of these creations in person? A selection of the gingerbread you see on this website will be on display for a limited time at The Maker Bean Café starting Wednesday, December 14 at 8:30 AM. All the gingerbread structures are in the storefront window display, but be sure to go inside to get a closer look and get yourself a hot beverage and check out their laser cutting and 3D printing!

Date: December 14 – January 11
Address: 1052 Bloor Street West, Toronto (just east of Dufferin Station)
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM; Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Support Our Work! 

Gingerbread City is a completely free event meant to bring joy, celebrate city-building, and make you smile! If you enjoyed these entries and want to support this initiative—as well as all our other year-round programming—please consider making a small donation below or encouraging your office to become a TSA Sponsor. All money received goes into making timely, accessible programming that explores, discusses and celebrates our built environment here in the Greater Toronto Area.

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This holiday season, please also consider making a donation to a local charity doing work in the housing sector, like the Red Door Family Shelter, a Toronto-based charity that provides emergency shelter and support.


About this Initiative

Now in its third consecutive year, the Toronto Society of Architects’ Gingerbread City is a unique creative showcase and community building event that brings together architects and gingerbread lovers alike for a little fun and innovative city building. This event builds upon the local Annual East End Architects Gingerbread Competition, an event organized by MOSS SUND Architects started in 2017 to bring neighboring studios together in support of a local charity.

Looking for even more gingerbread architecture? Check out our 2021 Gingerbread City and 2020 Gingerbread City!