The Pyramid of Sahura at Abusir: New Perspectives

Presented by, Dr. Mohamed Ismael Khaled for the Sally L.D. Katary Travel Scholarship Fund


About the Lecture

Dr. Mohamed Ismail Khaled currently leads a team excavating and restoring the pyramid complex of Sahura, where the team managed to restore the interior apartments of the pyramid for the first time in centuries. This has changed the current view of the monument. He comes to us fresh from completing the spring season of work at the site. This lecture will focus on the current work and updates on Sahura’s pyramid. This ongoing work inside the pyramid has revealed new evidence that has changed the old paradigms.

Dr. Khaled’s lecture is in support of the Sally L.D. Katary Travel Scholarship Fund, supporting SSEA student members who wish to travel to Toronto to present at the annual Scholars’ Colloquium. His trip to speak here is being sponsored by the Sally L.D. Katary Speaker Fund.


About the Speaker

Dr. Mohamed Ismael Khaled graduated from the Universities in Minia and Cairo. He acquired his Ph.D. from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic in 2009. Between 2014 and 2016 he had a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation at Würzburg University, where he has been a scientific researcher in the Egyptology Department since 2018.

Dr. Khaled is also a high official at the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. He served as the Director of Foreign Mission Affairs, as well as supervised the Development and Site Management Project of Giza Pyramids.

He is a specialist in the Old Kingdom, and is the director of the Abusir Project, excavating the pyramid complex of Sahura at Abusir. In 2018-2021, he received a grant from the Antiquities Endowment Fund (AEF) of the American Research Centre in Cairo (ARCE) to restore the substructure of the pyramid of Sahura.


About the Event

This event is in support of the Sally L.D. Katary Travel Scholarship Fund. We ask that you consider a donation of $10 to support SSEA Student Members.

This event will be presented in a hybrid fashion.


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When Sat, Jun 10, 2023 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Where Sidney Smith Hall 100 Saint George Street Room 2102 Toronto, ON M5S 3G3