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SOCA: Non Residential Uses in Neighbourhoods

From Yorkville to Kensington Market to your local corner store – non residential uses in neighbourhoods vary in scale and types while offering vibrant amenities and character in many of Toronto’s residential communities. Though these spaces and buildings are often cherished they are difficult to create today.

Join Alex Bozikovic, Aaron Letki, Evan Georgiades, and Tura Cousins Wilson in discussing the beauty, challenges and opportunities in building mixed-uses spaces in Tontonto’s residential neighbourhoods.



Tura Cousins Wilson – Cofounder & Principal, SOCA

Alex Bozikovic – Globe and Mail Architecture Critic, Writer

Aaron Letki – Architect, former owner of Contra Cafe

Evan Georgiades – Owner of The Monarch Tavern

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When Monday, Jun 19, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Where Monarch Tavern 12 Clinton Street Toronto, ON M6J 2N8