Aug 31 2022

Jason Dobbin

Principal, Montgomery Sisam

Jason Dobbin is an AIA and OAA licensed architect. He began his practice in Chicago 24 years ago working for several acclaimed firms. Jason returned to Canada in 2010 where he joined Montgomery Sisam Architects. He was appointed to the role of Principal in 2015.

Jason has been an integral part of helping build and strengthen Montgomery Sisam’ leadership across several sectors. He believes in a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, creative discovery, and inspiring young architects to take ownership of their work.

Jason’s award-winning portfolio is wide ranging, with projects in education, healthcare, supportive housing, and urban infrastructure. In keeping with the ethos of his practice, each of these projects draws on elemental qualities of design: natural light, effortless form, and a palette of rich, locally sourced materials to support the wellbeing of inhabitants. They demonstrate a commitment to socially responsible, environmentally sustainable architecture that serves the best interests of their community and city.

Jason’s contributions extend beyond his practice, working with several industry organizations to support positive, inclusive urban development. He is a former Chair and current executive of the Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) and a committee member of the Urban Land Institute of Toronto. He previously served as a member of the City of Toronto Urban Design Reference Group and City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee. He is also a former Director of the Design Industry Advisory Committee. A meaningful project for Jason is the TSA’s K-12 Initiative, helping to make architecture as a profession and the wider design industry more equitable, accessible, and representative of the people it serves.