2023 Toronto Mayoral By-Election: Candidates Answer

On June 26, 2023, a mayoral by-election is taking place in Toronto and we want to know where candidates stand on issues related to the built environment.

To this end, and in fulfilment of our role as advocates for the built environment and the betterment of our city, we asked all candidates running for mayor of Toronto to share their position on four key topics: affordable housing, climate action, the quality and maintenance of public spaces, and architectural heritage.

Candidates answers are compiled below and listed in alphabetical order by first name. Where candidates provided their answers in letterhead, no changes have been made. When they were received in the body of an email, answers have been copied into a new document for clarity and ease of access, but all answers are verbatim and have not been edited. Any underlining, bolding, and emphasis are the candidates’ own. The four questions are listed below.



Q1: Housing is a fundamental human right, and yet an increasing number of residents across the Greater Toronto Area are struggling to pay rent or find an affordable place to live. What policies and actions do you believe need to be implemented to address this crisis?


Q2: The design, construction and operation of our built environment accounts for nearly 40% of energy related carbon emissions, contributing to the ongoing climate crisis affecting us today. What do you believe needs to be prioritised to reduce carbon emissions within the built environment?


Q3: In towns and cities, so much of life happens in the shared public spaces—in our parks, libraries and streets. How can we ensure these civic spaces achieve design excellence in their initial conception and construction, and that they are properly maintained so they may continue to serve future generations?


Q4: Toronto’s modern architectural heritage is at risk, with both the redevelopment of Ontario Place and the potential demolition of the Ontario Science Centre jeopardizing some of the most important architectural landmarks in the country. Other modern buildings, including city-owned properties, have been left to decay with inadequate maintenance. What measures will you take as Mayor to protect, preserve and revitalize our city’s 20th century built legacy?


Candidate Answers

Ana Bailão

Brian Graff

D!ONNE Renée

Erwin Sniedzins

Faizul Mohee

Feng GAO

Jamie Atkinson

Jeff Tunney

Josh Matlow

Mark Saunders

Matti Charlton

Mitchell Toye

Rocco Schipano

Sarah Climenhaga



This page was last updated on June 15, 2023. New answers are added daily as they are received.

** The letter was sent to all candidates with public contact information available on May 16, 2023.