Ontario Place Design Charette Participant Links

Reference Materials

Team Presentation

Each team will have up to 2:30 (two and a half minutes) to present their ideas. Presentations may include up to 10 images/slides.

The preferred presentation format is a single PDF with each “slide” on it’s own page. You can also choose to upload individual images or videos for your presentation; please ask a TSA volunteer which file formats we can display. If you upload individual images please name the files with a number in the order you want them displayed (e.g. 01.jpg, 02.png, 03.jpg, etc).

Upload your documents here. We recognize that the design process is as important as the finished presentations, as such, we ask that you upload all working files, sketches, ideas that didn’t pan out, and any other materials you created along with your presentation.


There is a printer available for all participants. The printer is accessible through the Google Cloud Print service, and requires a Google/Gmail account to print. To use the printer go to torontosocietyofarchitects.ca/gutenberg , log in with your Google/Gmail account, and press the “Add Printer” button. After you have added the printer to your Google account, you can print by going to google.com/cloudprint and pressing the red “PRINT” button and following the instructions.

If you are unable to use the Google Cloud Print service You can also print by putting your documents (JPEG, PNG, or PDF files) on a USB stick and inserting it into the printer. Ask a TSA volunteer for details.

The printer is capable of printing in colour and black & white, and supports printing on Letter (8.5×11) and Tabloid (11×17) paper. Print what you need to bring your designs and visions to life, but please be considerate of the environment and your fellow participants.


Need to scan something? We’ve got you covered. See a TSA volunteer for help scanning to a USB stick.