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Toronto Outdoor Escape Game: Distillery District Highlights

Follow clues, solve puzzles, discover new places and learn incredible stories of the city’s past and present during this city adventure.

Discover the history of beverage distilling in Toronto, wander through Victorian architecture and explore the favorite haunts of Toronto’s local ghosts. Whiskey, sake, ghosts, vinegar, historic entrepreneurs, cutting-edge machinery, explosions, molasses — this game has it all.

Are you ready to drink in Toronto’s spirited past?

The route you’re going to follow in the city is sprinkled with unique places, fun clues and challenges, and incredible stories of past and present.

The experience will play out like you’re the main characters of a movie, only that you’re experiencing everything in first person! Fun dialogue, intrigue, and unexpected interactions are guaranteed.

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When Starts on Saturday, July 1, 12:00 PM

Where Cherry Street Gate 49 Tank House Lane Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

Cost General Admission
Group (up to 6 people)