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1UP Mentorship Program: Call for Mentors

Become a 1UP Mentor to help high school students create positive and meaningful change in their communities. 

The 1UP Mentorship program provides an opportunity for professionals from any field, be it architecture and design, urban planning, or community engagement, to help guide a team of high school students driven to create better spaces for their communities. These high school students form what is called the 1UP School Chapters and are led by the 1UP Fellows (high school students that have received leadership training). Each year, these chapters identify a challenge in their community, and tackle it head-on with the design and leadership skills we equip them with, but also the guidance of professionals.

Your experience and knowledge as a member of the TSA will provide invaluable input and guidance for 1UP Fellows. If this opportunity is of interest to you, please fill out the application form by Friday, September 15th @ 11:59PM.


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When Friday, September 15th @ 11:59PM.  


Reach out to hello@urbanminds.co with any questions.