Nov 15 2022

IDEAS Forum: Deconstruction

Organized by DesignTO in partnership with the Toronto Society of Architects, ‘IDEAS Forum: Deconstruction’ features five fast-paced presentations (20 slides shown for 20 seconds each) exploring circular construction in the building industry, including design for disassembly, embodied carbon and sustainability, and material salvage and reuse. A certificate for 1 hour of OAA ConEd will be […]


May 2 2022

Doors Open Toronto 2022 | TSA Architects Talk: Renewal

Architects Talk, our fast-paced lightning forum reflecting on this year’s Doors Open theme, is back! Join us for our first ever outdoor lecture as speakers share with us their thoughts, work, and provocations on how to close the gap between the city we have and the one we desire. Our cities are at a turning […]


Nov 24 2021

IDEAS Forum | Confronting the Housing Crisis

Organized by DesignTO in partnership with the Toronto Society of Architects, ‘Ideas Forum: Confronting the Housing Crisis’ features five fast-paced presentations (20 slides shown for 20 seconds each) exploring housing equity, modular housing initiatives, rent-then-own models, and community support and consultation. Speakers: Kellie Chin, Architect, Workshop Architecture Diana Chan McNally Reverend Faith Fowler, Executive Director, […]


Nov 24 2021

Urban Affairs Forum | The Housing Affordability Crisis

  A free public forum bringing together three speakers from the fields of economics, planning, development and architecture as we look to better understand the forces behind the GTA’s housing affordability crisis and what we can do to address it. Housing is a fundamental human right, and yet an increasing number of residents across the […]


Apr 19 2021

Virtual Forum: Indigenous Placekeeping

Since time immemorial, the group of islands sheltering the Toronto harbour was known by several names. For the Michi Saagiig (Mississaugas), it was simply known as Mnisiing, meaning ‘on the islands’. Later they would collectively known as Aiionwatha or Hiawatha’s Island. Today, they are the Toronto Islands Park, one of Toronto foremost and signature parks. […]


Nov 12 2020

BEAT Forum 2020: Empowering Architectural Practices to Address Emotional/Identity Tax

‘Emotional/Identity Tax’ is used to describe the experience of many historically marginalized professionals in Canada who report being treated differently, subject to additional responsibilities, and constantly on guard to protect themselves against discrimination and bias.  Recent studies of Canadian workplaces report that Indigenous and racialized professionals are doubly burdened by exclusionary workplace practices and tokenistic […]


Nov 3 2020

Urban Affairs Forum l Does Canada need a National Architecture Policy?

Whether intentionally or not, our buildings, landscapes and urban spaces say a lot about us — communicating the values, priorities, and aspirations of those who invested so much in their creation. As the space where we live, work and play, the built environment has an enormous impact not only on our quality of life, but […]


Jul 4 2020

Preserving the Past Fortifying the Future

From enhancing real estate values, to fostering local businesses, preservation keeps historic main streets and downtowns economically viable. In places that have preserved their historic character, heritage tourism is a real and tangible economic force. Developers are discovering that money spent rehabilitating historic buildings is an investment in the future—these structures become showpieces of a […]


Jan 17 2020

M.Arch Symposium in Collaboration with Canadian Architecture Forums on Education (CAFÉ): Toward an Architecture Policy for Canada

On February 6th, 2020 a two-part event will be held at Toronto’s Sidewalk Labs. In collaboration with the Canadian Architecture Forums on Education (CAFÉ) series, the first year Master’s of Architecture class is excited to present the opportunity to participate in various discussions that will support the research for a national architecture policy for Canada. […]


Jun 13 2019

TSA Urban Affairs Forum | Housing Affordability and the Missing Middle

The Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) invites you to this summer’s Urban Affairs Forum on Housing Affordability and the Missing Middle, coinciding with the publication of House Divided: How the Missing Middle Can Solve Toronto’s Affordability Crisis. Framed by Toronto’s rich history of housing neighbourhoods, and the current debate on City Council on how we can […]