Jun 16 2022

Under Gardiner: Public Realm Plan | Survey

The Under Gardiner is the area below the elevated portion of the Gardiner Expressway, stretching from Dufferin Street in the west, to the Don River in the east. This corridor supports a variety of street-oriented uses, modes of transportation and connects key residential, retail, employment, and cultural destinations. Why a public realm plan for the […]


May 19 2022

City of Toronto: Official Plan Review | Have Your Say!

City Planning is seeking your input on our draft Employment policies, future directions and 160+ Major Transit Station Areas. Learn more about them at our Future Directions Storymap. The Official Plan is Toronto’s road map for land use. It sets out our long-term vision, shared values, and policies that help guide decision-making on land development, […]


May 19 2022

City of Toronto: Recognition Review Project Survey | Have Your Say

The Recognition Review project examines how the City honours history in public spaces. As part of the Recognition Review, the City is developing a new framework to guide how it commemorates public figures and events in monuments, street and place names. This framework will be presented to City Council for consideration in July 2022, and […]


May 12 2022

City of Toronto: Cultural Districts Program Survey | Have Your Say

In response to community-based advocacy and efforts to support local culture across several neighbourhoods, the City of Toronto is moving ahead with the creation of a Cultural Districts Program. We understand that culture is both boundless and dynamic. Using an equity-based placemaking lens and co-stewardship model, the City’s overall goal is to co-create a program […]


Apr 26 2022

City of Toronto | Have Your Say: Micro-utility Devices (MUDs)

Micro-utility Devices (MUDs) Tell us what you think about sidewalk robots! City of Toronto, Transportation Services are consulting on the use of micro-utility devices, also known as sidewalk robots. City Council prohibited the use, stopping, and storing of micro-utility devices in December of 2021 until the details of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation pilot project are released, […]


Apr 14 2022

Material Matters: Embodied Carbon Benchmarking in Ontario | Stakeholder Workshops

Embodied Carbon Benchmarking in Ontario (Builders for Climate Action, Passive Buildings Canada, Mantle Developments, University of Toronto DFLAD, TAF, City of Toronto) As part of a project with the City of Toronto, a series of four workshops will be held over the coming months to educate about construction-based embodied carbon of materials, share our study […]


Nov 30 2021

City of Toronto | Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods (Missing Middle)

Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods is a City of Toronto initiative to facilitate more low-rise housing in residential neighbourhoods to meet the needs of our growing city. The City is working to expand opportunities for “missing middle” housing forms in Toronto, ranging from duplexes to low-rise walk-up apartments. All of these housing types can be […]


Nov 22 2021

City of Toronto | Expanding Permissions for Garden Suites

The City of Toronto wants to know what you think about expanding permissions for garden suites in the city. Check out the draft permissions , draft Official Plan Amendment , and draft zoning by-law amendment . You can also watch a video walking  through the draft permissions. Send us your comments through our 1-question survey  before November 30, 2021. The Garden + Suites project is […]


Oct 19 2021

City of Toronto | Multiplexes: Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods

From the City of Toronto website: The purpose of this survey is to gather public and industry opinion about Multiplexes in Toronto. Your feedback is important to us and we appreciate your time and input!   The Multiplex project is one of several studies the City of Toronto is currently leading to create more housing options in […]


Oct 14 2021

Ontario Place Redevelopment: Consultation | Call to Action

Consultation: Ontario Place Redevelopment From the Province of Ontario’s website: On July 30, 2021, the Ontario government announced details of its plan to revitalize Ontario Place into a world-class destination following a Call for Development process. Ontario Place will play a key role in the province’s pending post-pandemic recovery, both as a tourism destination and as a display […]