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Jan 16 2022 Online Learning /

UofT Daniels | Digital Design Program



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Daniels Digital Design Program

Fall/Winter 2021/22

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with the University of Toronto staff and faculty to digitally design projects that respond to five sites on campus. The intention is to design these five sites as built areas that would support outdoor classes in response to COVID-19. Students will learn about how the University of Toronto has been built over time and contribute ideas to how the campus can be redesigned to accommodate outdoor learning during the pandemic. These designs will be presented to staff and faculty, who will provide feedback during the design process. This program will give participants experience with real project management while fostering a greater sense of community involvement and responsibility. From concept to presentation, participants will gain collaborative skills and learn the importance of partnership in fun and creative ways.

This 10-week, half-day, online program will introduce the technology and skills necessary to complete a complex design project. Friends and family will be invited to join the final presentation online, allowing participants to practice their presentation skills. This experience could be used by participants in any future portfolio. We will have 10 participants with 1 leader.