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Under Gardiner: Public Realm Plan | Survey

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The Under Gardiner is the area below the elevated portion of the Gardiner Expressway, stretching from Dufferin Street in the west, to the Don River in the east. This corridor supports a variety of street-oriented uses, modes of transportation and connects key residential, retail, employment, and cultural destinations.

Why a public realm plan for the Under Gardiner?

City streets, sidewalks, and public spaces are not only links between destinations but are places to be enjoyed in their own right.

Public realm plans articulate policy principles, stakeholder priorities, and shared objectives. Cities use public realm plans to guide future investment and the enhancement of existing assets.

The Greater Toronto Area is the fastest-growing region in the Province of Ontario, with a population of 10 million people expected by 2050. This growth involves significant development and densification of residential mixed-use communities adjacent to the Under Gardiner and will result in an increased demand for transportation, public amenities, and social infrastructure.

As Toronto continues to grow and the waterfront supports new residential, commercial, and cultural activities, Under Gardiner spaces must be recognized as a vital part of the city’s evolving public realm and woven into an emerging network of improvements that facilitate access, connectivity, and supports enhanced safety and civic life.

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Share your thoughts, ideas, and stories. Help us understand your experience of the space below the Gardiner Expressway: what would you like to protect and what you would like to see change? Express yourself here.