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Jun 10 2021 Event /

ULI Toronto | Should Toronto have a City Architect?

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


FREE for ULI student members, $35-40 for ULI members, $55 for ULI non-members

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In recent years the City of Toronto has elevated its design and architectural expectations of both private and public land development. But is it time to raise the bar even higher and match other cities around the globe by instituting a City Architect?

Join ULI for a panel of expert insights into why design leadership, from Mexico City to Edmonton, has become a priority for the world’s great cities and how it can help us achieve better architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.

Overview Presentation
Carol Belanger, City Architect, City of Edmonton

Nicola Spunt, Founder, Thesis Communications

Alex Bozikovic, Architecture Critic, Globe and Mail
Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Principal, Experimentalista & Former Chief Creative Officer, Mexico City
Beth Kapusta, Principal, Beth Kapusta Design Excellence Consulting