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Mar 24 2022 Event /

ULI Toronto | Ontario Building Code Review & Carbon Reduction: Right direction?

12:00 - 1:00 PM

$35 - $65

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The Ontario Building Code (OBC) is undergoing its 5-7 year review, a routine opportunity to modernize the code to evolving public policy demands and innovations in building materials, design and technologies. Against the backdrop of the global climate crisis and the new national (model) building code, how rigorous an approach to energy performance, climate-related impacts and carbon reduction is Ontario proposing?
Join ULI Toronto as we explore the implications and opportunities for OBC amendments for design, construction, compliance, and the value proposition for communities and climate.
Paul De Berardis, Director of Building Science and Innovation, RESCON
Stavroula (Stav) Kassaris, Environmental Planner, City of Brampton
Miyoko Oikawa, Manager of Research and Innovation, Doug Tarry Homes
Bryan Purcell, VP, Policy and Programs, TAF
Blair Scorgie, Associate, Planning & Urban Design, SvN
More speakers to be announced.