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Dec 3 2020 Event /

ULI Toronto l Tower Renewal Check Up: Confronting the Private Sector Rental Affordability Challenge

12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

$20 l Free for ULI members


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Event presented by ULI Toronto.


More than a decade since the high-profile launch of the City of Toronto’s Tower Renewal initiative, designed to upgrade the city’s over 1,000 apartment towers while maintaining affordability to over half-million Toronto residents, a landmark Urban Land Institute report* will offer critical and timely analysis. Significant progress is underway to revitalize publicly owned towers, but the challenges facing privately owned buildings (85% of the stock) remain steep.


Join ULI Toronto for a two-part program, offering key highlights from the international ULI Advisory Panel (convened pre-COVID-19) and a local panel discussion. Panelists will put critical focus on the current economic context facing the tower renewal agenda – and how COVID-19 exposes the need for greater public policy interest in the decaying towers that are homes to many of the city’s most vulnerable residents.


Report Overview:

Jim Heid, President & Founder, UrbanGreen (ULI Advisory Services Panel Chair)


Doug Saunders, International Affairs Columnist, The Globe and Mail and Author, Arrival City



Aderonke Akande, Manager, Tower and Neighbourhood Revitalization, City of Toronto
Randy Daiter, Vice President, Residential Properties, M&R Holdings
Valesa Faria, Director, Housing Secretariat, City of Toronto
Kwame McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, Wellesley Institute

Graeme Stewart, Principal, ERA Architects and Director, Tower Renewal Partnership


*Report to be released on December 3rd.