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Dec 15 2022 Event /

Turn Your Design Practice into A Thriving Business in 3 Simple Steps

9:30 AM - 5:30 PM EST

Online Zoom Workshop

$ 150.00 TSA members and students receive a $50 discount with the promo code in the Nov 15 bulletin

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Turn Your Design Practice into a Thriving Business in 3 Simple Steps


This Workshop Zoominar is designed to help Practice owners to be clear on how their Practices are structured for business and how they can use the principles of SWOT Analysis, Niche Marketing and the well know marketing strategy of Visibility, Credibility and Differentiation to plan for 2023 and beyond. It includes an in depth look at the self awareness and how each one of us make decisions and how those decisions affect the practice.

It also explores how we can avoid commodification of our practices to deal with potential competition.

If you own a small / mid size Design Practice in a city, and your answer is “yes” to any of the following:

  • You struggle finding sustainable work to keep your practice going
  • You want your practice to thrive, grow and expand
  • You feel the pressure of unfair competition
  • You struggle to have quality time with family and loved ones
  • You feel overwhelmed by too much work and no fun, or
  • You want to validate and improve your existing Marketing Plan

Then, you owe it to yourself and your Design Practice to attend this interactive One Day Workshop. How will your Practice and Life be different when you have:

  • Clients chasing you instead of you chasing them
  • Opportunities knocking on your door
  • Clear Business Plan and vision of marketing your services
  • Clear list of strengths – and the opportunities that await you
  • Proper support and plenty of time for your loved ones


This is an interactive Zoominar™ Workshop in which you will have fun and learn the 3 STEPS TO TURN YOUR DESIGN PRACTICE INTO A THRIVING BUSINESS:

Step 1 – Know Your SWOT

  • An In-Depth SWOT Analysis so that you know your Strengths and Opportunities

Step 2 – Know Your Client

  • A clear understanding of your ideal client

Step 3 – Know Your Marketing Strategy

  • How to become VISIBLE in your niche market so your ideal clients will know you
  • How to gain CREDIBILITY so that your ideal clients will contact you
  • How to DIFFERENTIATE yourself so that you stand out and above the competition

Bonus Takeaways

  • Certificate for 6 ConEd Credits,
  • An Outline of a Business Plan so that you have Business Clarity to develop your own plan
  • A PDF copy of my book THE LEADERSHIP ZONE for the first 5 people to sign up.


Turn Your Design Practice into a Thriving Business in 3 Simple Steps is delivered by:

DuraNet Enterprises Inc. and Architect Ahmad-Shah Duranai, B. Arch. MBA, OAA, BTC, MTVA


“I found the workshop very refreshing and learned of many useful tips for my practice. The SWOT analysis was very revealing and identified where improvements are needed. I recommend the workshop for owners of S/M design practices, especially the new ones. I believe this workshop would be an invaluable course for all new practices.” Colin Graham, OAA