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Jun 27 2019 Forum /

TSA Urban Affairs Forum | Housing Affordability and the Missing Middle

6:30 PM Doors Open, 7:00 PM Forum

Toronto Central YMCA Centre
Auditorium, Second Floor
20 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 2V5



Image courtesy of WORKSHOP architecture inc

The Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) invites you to this summer’s Urban Affairs Forum on Housing Affordability and the Missing Middle, coinciding with the publication of House Divided: How the Missing Middle Can Solve Toronto’s Affordability Crisis.

Framed by Toronto’s rich history of housing neighbourhoods, and the current debate on City Council on how we can collectively make affordability a reality in our city, this forum explores how architecture and design may be key considerations in discussions on affordability in our city.

Approaching the issue of affordability and “the missing middle” from a design perspective, the TSA has invited architect-contributors to House Divided to share their perspectives on how innovations in design can contribute to affordability within Toronto’s housing market. Their views will be complimented by planners and politicians, reflecting the collective approach required in making Toronto a place where everyone can afford to live.




More about the book:

House Divided is intended as a citizen’s guide to making the big city a place where we can afford to live. Housing is increasingly unattainable in successful global cities, and Toronto is no exception – in part because of zoning that protects “stable” residential neighborhoods with high property values. House Divided is a citizen’s guide for changing the way housing can work in big cities. Using Toronto as a case study, this anthology unpacks the affordability crisis and offers innovative ideas for creating housing for all ages and demographic groups. With charts, maps, data, and policy prescriptions, House Divided poses tough questions about the issue that will make or break the global city of the future.

Other talks:

Looking to hear from other contributors to House Divided? ULI is hosting a complimentary talk on June 17! To see the speaker list and register for the lecture, please visit their website.