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Sep 1 2020 Film /

TSA Playlist | September: Community Shorts

Includes Playlist and 2 Panel Discussions


With TIFF in the air, September is Toronto’s unofficial film month a time to celebrate and explore how we see and share the world through the art of movie-making. Joining in on the festivities, this month’s TSA Playlist is extra special, shining the limelight on shorts made by members of our architecture and design community as they responded to the prompt: What stories does our built environment tell? How can film help us understand the places we inhabit?

So grab your popcorn and come join us for this month-long movie-making celebration!

Panel Discussions 👩‍💻

What would a film festival experience be without panel discussions and behind-the-scenes talks with the filmmakers?

For this month’s playlist, we also organized two virtual panel discussions with filmmakers to hear their perspectives on the opportunities, challenges, and potential of film to help tell and develop architectural narratives. Click on the links below to watch a recording of the discussions!

The Playlist 🎥🍿

This month’s cinematic showcase includes shorts produced by students, designers, architects, artists, and filmmakers sorted into three distinct but interconnected categories.

Ready to watch? Here’s how it works:

  • Click and Play: Click on the thumbnails below to watch the shorts hosted on the filmmaker’s own pages (it’s like digital gallery hopping!).
  • Limited Time: Some films are only available until September 30 at 11:59 PM as part of this showcase – so make sure to catch all of them before the end of the month
  • Access Codes: Other films are available exclusively for this showcase, so you’ll need a password to access them. Use the code tsaplaylist to gain access!

Ok, now on with the show!

🎬 Take 1 | Architecture and Context

From Toronto to Portugal, Tokyo to the Kawarthas, this category looks at the relationship between buildings and their context -— physical, socio-economic, cultural — and how they shape and inform each other. Ranging from works that chronicle the changing built environment over time, to narrative-driven films exploring the relationship between buildings, occupants, and landscape, the films in this category capture idiosyncratic qualities that make each locale unique and architecture that responds, shapes or reflects it.


A Encomeda l Manuel Graça Dias l 2013, 18 min

MOR l Hamid Shahi, Rikako Takashi l 2019, 22 min

Views from Home: Facing North* l Edie Steiner l 2019, 6 min l screening password : (not available)

Emily Carr University of Art + Design l Diamond Schmitt Architects l 2018, 3 min

Cottage in the Kawartha Lakes District l Greg Van Riel l 2019, 2 min

🎬 Take 2 | Thesis

Can film be used to make an architectural argument? From experimental thesis projects that use film as a means for discourse to shorts documenting the processes and dynamics of collaborative design studios, this series showcases work done by students, faculty, and recent graduates as they explore the role of film within our schools of architecture.


👩‍💻 Watch the panel discussion!

On September 29, a special 1-hour panel was held with the following filmmakers from this category of films—Shabaan Khokhar, Vineetha Sivathasan, Wayne Yan, Peter Kwak, Alistair Grierson, David Correa and Michael Yoshimura. The discussion, which touched upon the impact that film can have in the context of architecture school, was moderated by Canadian Interiors and Building Magzine editor Peter Sobchak. Make sure to watch the work being discussed in the panel by clicking on the vignettes below! 


Robot Made 19: Dragon Skin Pavilion l dir. Shabaan Khokhar — project by various UBC/UWaterloo students and faculty l 2019, 3 min

Robotic Assembly of a Structurally Informed Wall System l dir. Shabaan Khokhar, project by Zahra Falamarzi & David Correa l 2020, 2 min

Per-Formation #1 l Vineetha Sivathasan l 2015, 3 min

Per-Formation #1 (reprise) l Vineetha Sivathasan l 2015, 4 min

Future Heroes l Alistair Grierson l 2015, 9 min

Advanced Visual Analysis l Various UWaterloo students, David Correa, Shabaan Khokhar l 2018, 2 mins

Shotengai l Michael Yoshimura l 2020, 5 min

Keep on Rolling l Peter Kwak, Wayne Yan l 2020, 3 min


🎬 Take 3 | Experimental Cinematography

This collection of works puts forward a narrative in unconventional ways, using film to explore new approaches of thinking about the spaces we inhabit. The innovative techniques in terms of recording and editing presented in this category put forward experimentation in representation and documentation of the built environment, looking for new ways to share the stories of the places we inhabit.

👩‍💻 Watch the panel discussion!

On September 22, a special 1-hour panel was held with Franci Duran, Steve Socha and Gabriel Chareton—all filmmakers with shorts featured in the TSA Playlist—in conversation with Arnaud Marthouret, founder of Revelateur Studio, on the topic of Experimental Cinematography as it relates to capturing the stories of our built environment. Make sure to watch the work being discussed in the panel by clicking on the vignettes below! 

Project X* l Reza Aliabadi l 2020, 3 mins

Project X** l Reza Aliabadi l 2020, 4 min

La Galerie Bienvenue l Gabriel Chareton l 2019, 3 min

Overlay Art – Layers of Toronto l Steve Socha l 2020, 12 min

It Matters What l Francisca Duran l 2019, 9 min l screening password : (not available)


About the TSA Playlist

The TSA Playlist is a monthly curated list of free online films touching upon issues of architecture, the built environment and design. Our thematic lists do more than just entertain; they inspire us, enrich us, and challenge our perspectives helping bring the conversation of the built environment to new audiences and encourage conversation and debate.

Have a suggestion of a film or theme you would like to see featured? Let us know at tsa@torontosocietyofarchitects.ca

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