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Feb 17 2022 Event /

Toronto 2030 District | February Education Forum: Decarbonizing Buildings Through Private Equity

8:00 AM PT

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To avoid the disastrous effects of climate change, we need to keep pace with the urgent need for decarbonizing buildings. We don’t have time to upgrade existing structures one at a time; we need strategies to create more energy-efficient buildings en masse.

We are incredibly pleased to highlight Luis Aguirre-Torres as our February education forum speaker. Aguirre-Torres is the Director of Sustainability for the City of Ithaca, NY. He has created a program that has raised $100M in private equity funds to date to finance energy-efficiency incentives for homeowners and building owners. The program will also provide training for a green workforce in the city.

Aguirre-Torres will present how he created the plan for the city, and Peter Bardaglio, The Executive Director of the Ithaca 2030 District, will answer questions about how a program could be applied to commercial buildings.