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Mar 7 2019 Lecture /

The Rise of a New Construction Material

5:30 PM Social, 6:30 PM Lecture

Young Centre for the Performing Arts
50 Tankhouse Lane




Come out after work and unwind with friends (or make some new ones!) and then be inspired by some pretty amazing and beautiful feats of modern timber engineering presented by Gerald Epp, President and Chief Engineer of StructureCraft Builders. This Canadian company is world leader in advanced timber engineering and construction. You’re sure to learn something valuable, have a good time, and receive a continuing education certificate for your effort.

Timber has been used in construction for a very long time, even in larger showcase structures like churches and temples. In modern times, its progress (even as “mass timber” in the late 19th century) was eclipsed by advances in structural steel and reinforced concrete. Even with the development of glulam in the early 20th century, timber has never quite “caught up” as a primary structural building material… until now.

Some of the recent interest wood has been spawned by a greater understanding of the material, some by wood’s excellent sustainability properties, and some by its adaptability to CNC milling and prefabrication. But it is perhaps because of timber’s natural warmth and beauty that it stands out from the other structural materials. All of these features coming together now are allowing us to once again build significant architectural structures with this material.

In this lecture we will study in some depth a few of the speaker’s more interesting projects, from earlier exploratory architectural structures like Central City in Surrey and the roof for the 2010 Olympic Speed Skating Oval, to more recent long span projects like the footbridge over the Bow River in Banff, to current long span timber gridshell and mass timber office building projects.