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Jun 7 2017 Exhibit /

THE COLONY – 24 Views I Works by D.S. Peterson

June 7 - 18, Gallery Hours Wed- Sun. 1-6pm

1313 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L8

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Skyline 4

Main , Process & Cell Galleries : THE COLONY – 24 Views – a series of 24 panels of works of oils by D.S. Peterson plus a narrated video work . Peterson captures the urban landscape of Toronto mostly taken from his observations of the city skyline from the Kensington Market area . Peterson studied art at a variety of schools including the Fine arts program at UBC. He has also studied under a variety of other contemporary artists .

‘ I am fascinated by the old and the new in the same frame. I like to think of what cities were like in the day of that old red brick before electricity and automobiles arrived. Everything changed after that. This view shows the duality of the old and the new.’

DS Peterson is also a journalist with CBC and this plays a role in his art practice at times . Prior to this show his oil paintings captured more rural landscapes and wilderness reminiscent of his influences from early Canadian impressionism and the Group of Seven . The 24 minute video work accompanying the exhibition of 24 panel paintings gives the exhibit a narrative . Another layer of this process which the artist hopes viewers can relate to and the artist gets to share his urban sights with.

For more information: www.dspeterson.ca

*The artist will give an artist talk about his work on Saturday June 10th 2pm -3pm .