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Sep 10 2020 Calls / Competitions /

The Canadian Architect Photo Awards Of Excellence

September 10,11:59 PM Submission deadline


Canadian Architect is challenging professional and amateur architectural photographers to showcase their best image of a Canadian building in its third annual Photo Award of Excellence competition.


Please watch this space for updates.

June 1, 2020 : Competition opens. Click here to enter submission portal.

September 10, 2020 @ 11:59 pm: Submission deadline

Mid-October, 2020: Winners notified

December 2020: Winners featured in December issue of Canadian Architect 


Professional and amateur architectural photographers are invited to submit their work for this award. The submitted photo should be no more than two years old. It should depict a building in Canada, by any architect and from any time period. Alternatively, it may depict a building outside of Canada but completed by a Canadian architect (ie. one whose head office is in Canada). An optional descriptive text may be included, up to 100 words in length.

The photographer’s name must NOT appear on the submitted photo, except on the entry form. Photos should be in JPEG or TIFF format, 300 dpi with the largest dimension (length or height) set at 8”.


Awards are given for the excellence of a photo in conveying the particular character and qualities of a building. Jurors will consider the composition, creativity of approach, and overall aesthetics of the photo.

You can read about our 2020 jurors here.


Entry Fee: $75.00 plus applicable taxes

All payments are processed online, and all major credit cards are accepted. 



A framed certificate will be given to each winning entrant. In the case that the photo was commissioned by an architecture firm, a framed certificate will also be given to the firm.

The winner(s) will be published in a special issue of Canadian Architect in December 2020, and on Canadian Architect’s website and other digital platforms.

Winners grant Canadian Architect publication rights for their winning submissions.


Q: How will the entries be viewed?
 The jurors will be previewing the entries digitally. At the jurying session, the entries will be reviewed digitally on a large screen. The photo submitted for each entry will be printed out for use as a reference during the jurying session.

Q: I’m an architect who has commissioned a photo of one of my buildings. Can I enter it for an award?
 Yes. Award certificates will be given to the photographer as well as the firm that commissioned the photo, where applicable. You should check with the photographer first. The entry form may be completed either by the photographer or by the firm, on the photographer’s behalf.

Q: Is it possible to submit a printed photo instead of a JPEG or TIFF?
A: No. We only accept digital submissions.

Q: Can my entry be prepared in French?
A: Yes. Most entries are submitted in English, and English is the recommended language of submission to ensure the fullest understanding of your project. However, we will have bilingual staff and jurors who can help provide loose translations of entries submitted in French during the jurying session.

Q: Can I submit multiple entries?
A: Yes. You will need to go through the submission process for each separate entry.

Q: Can I resubmit an entry from a previous year?
A: Yes. You may resubmit an entry from a previous year for consideration by this year’s jury. We encourage you to include updated information if available.

Q: Who should I contact with additional questions?
A: For submission eligibility inquiries, please contact Elsa Lam, Editor, elam@canadianarchitect.com.
For technical or form inquiries, please contact Laura Moffatt, Manager, Publishing Operations, lmoffatt@iqbusinessmedia.com.