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May 11 2019 Exhibit /

The Bentway: New Monuments for New Cities with the High Line Network

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Bentway
250 Fort York Blvd

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New Monuments for New Cities is the inaugural project of the High Line Network Joint Art Initiative, a new collaboration between infrastructure reuse projects in North America. This public art exhibition will travel across the United States and Canada throughout 2019.

For the exhibition, five urban reuse projects that are part of the High Line Network invited five of their local artists or artist groups to create proposals (in the form of posters) for new monuments for a 21st century city. Each participating location will produce an exhibition of the resulting 25 artworks that is specific to their site. The Toronto exhibition at The Bentway runs May 11-August 30.

The launch of the New Monuments for New Cities exhibit will be marked with a Monuments Summit on May 11. The Summit is a day-long public event that will introduce the public to the New Monuments exhibition, the contributing artists from several participating cities, and the issues the exhibition raises. The day will be structured around a series of conversations and participatory activities, asking the public to reflect on the same set of questions raised by the artists and to engage in a collective dialogue about issues of representation, civic histories and monumentality.

The Bentway’s art exhibition will be accompanied by public tours led by some of the artists involved, as well as other artists and thinkers in Toronto. Tours occur on Tuesdays (6-7pm), May 14-August 20. Tour leaders include: Rebecca Carbin, Art + Public UnLtd; Coco Guzman, New Monuments for New Cities artist; Quentin VerCetty, New Monuments for New Cities artist; and Kaitlin Wainwright, Heritage Toronto.

Participating artists include:
Toronto, ON – Susan Blight, Coco Guzman, Life of a Craphead (Amy Lam and Jon McCurley), An Te Liu, and Quentin VerCetty

Houston, TX – Regina Agu, Jamal Cyrus, Sin Huellas artists: Delilah Montoya and Jimmy Castillo, Phillip Pyle, II, Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin

Austin, TX – Nicole Awai, Daniela Cavazos Madrigal, Teruko Nimura and Rachel Alex Crist, Denise Prince, Vincent Valdez

Chicago, IL – Eric J. García, Tonika Johnson, Chris Pappan, Richard Santiago (TIAGO), Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff

New York, NY – Judith Bernstein, Guerrilla Girls, Hans Haacke, Paul Ramírez Jonas, Xaviera Simmons