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Oct 29 2020 Film /

The Architects Series—A documentary on: Steven Holl Architects

1pm EST



The Architects Series – A documentary on: Steven Holl Architects” is the 14th episode in a series of lectures and interviews created by The Plan magazine for Iris Ceramica Group which will be live streamed on Thursday, October 29  2020, from 6.00pm to 8-00pm (1pm to 3pm EST) on Holding’s digital platform webcast.irisceramicagroup.com. A new method to access content that overcomes geographical boundaries and enables wider audience participation while maintaining the same opportunities for interaction as in-person lectures.
The approximately 30 minute video-documentary screening will be followed by a lecture entitled “Air/Light/Greenspace: Post-COVID” during which the audience can discover Steven Holl Architects’ poetic vision, philosophy and design approach and also engage with the speaker.

Founded in 1977 by Steven Holl, the practice is recognized internationally for the quality and excellence of its architectural achievements and innovative urban design. Leading a staff of 40 employees, Steven Holl is supported by Partners Chris McVoy, Noah Yaffe and Roberto Bannura in managing the New York and Beijing offices. With projects worldwide, the Studio’s body of work includes master planning and the design of residential and office buildings, detached housing and structures in the world of the arts, culture and education, a sector where it has extensive experience.