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Submit a pixel for a “Support Black Designers” mural on the Daniels Building


The Daniels Art Directive, a student-run art group, has spent the past few months planning the installation of a giant mural for the Daniels Building’s north facade. The selected design, by Daniels alumni Ashita Parekh and Tolu Alabi, will say, in giant letters, “Support Black Designers.” But the group needs a little help from the Daniels community in order to realize the project.

How, exactly, can you help? By submitting a “pixel” — a 52.5-by-52.5-centimetre piece of artwork that will act as a single unit of the overall design. (Sort of like when a bunch of people in a stadium crowd hold up coloured sheets of paper to spell out a giant word.) Designers may submit multiple pixels, and they can work individually or in groups.

The mural will contain 248 of these pixels. The word “Support” will be made up of pixels that contain black-and-white written statements. The words “Black Designers” will be made up of colourful artwork. (Each “Black Designers” pixel should be at least 50 percent yellow, to be consistent with the overall design.)

The Daniels Art Directive and a panel of judges will be reviewing pixel submissions. Everyone who makes a submission will be entered into a raffle for yet-to-be-announced prizes from the Daniels Art Directive. Each person or group whose work is accepted will receive credit for their work, as well as an honorarium of $10 per pixel and a prize package from Above Ground that includes a free sketchbook, a 20 per cent discount, and entry into a raffle for free art supplies.

Anyone — not just Daniels students — is eligible to submit a pixel for review. The Daniels Art Directive will be prioritizing submissions by Black designers.

The Daniels Art Directive is accepting pixel submissions via this Google form. Submissions are due before midnight on Monday, August 31.

For detailed submission guidelines, visit the Daniels Art Directive’s Instagram.