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Apr 14 2016 Online Learning /

Structured Learning Tutorials at Wood WORKS! e-Learning Centre

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Over a dozen new courses have been added to the Wood WORKS! eLearning Centre and with a new section with over 20 hours of content on mid-rise wood-frame construction. All courses are FREE, online, self-paced, and available 24/7 for your convenience. The sessions qualify for continuing education hours with the American Institute of Architects, Engineering Institute of Canada and all Canadian Provincial  Architect Associations. Explore over a hundred hours of content about designing and building with wood presented by a prestigious international faculty of renowned architects, engineers, builders, researchers and educators,
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New mid-rise section has 20+ hours of material available including:
Guidelines For Designing Wood-Frame Mid-Rise Buildings
This 6-hour course consists of 10 modules presented by the experts who wrote the new Mid-Rise Wood-Frame Construction Handbook. Based on the National Building Code of Canada, each module mirrors a chapters of the handbook addressing topics that include fire, structural analysis, floor vibration, building movement, sound insulation, building enclosure, wood elevator shafts and prefabrication.

Building Enclosures for 5 & 6 Storey Mid-Rise Wood Buildings 

This 2-hour seminar covers lessons learned and many of the recent trends in materials, details and enclosure assemblies for creating durable and energy-efficient mid-rise wood frame buildings. The integration of mass timber elements including cross laminated timber (CLT) and use of pre-fabrication for mid-rise and taller wood-buildings will also be covered.

Common Mid-Rise Structural Design Challenges and Solutions

Examining recent 6-storey projects, this 1-hour presentation highlights specific challenges, important details and procedures, and illustrates how various engineered wood products were applied strategically to ensure success.