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Oct 28 2021 Event /

SOPREMA | Regenerative Development & Design Virtual Conference

1:00 PM





It’s a stretch—but it’s possible. Place by place. Working in harmony with nature and each other—this is how rapidly we have seen health-giving interrelationships take hold in whole social and environmental systems.

Unfortunately, Western culture is trying to solve gigantic and existential issues with the same technically oriented mind that created them; working on fragmented problems, in silos of activities, addressing them in a generic way, and at an impossible-to-manage planetary scale.

In complex living systems, there are no simple cause and effect relationships. Since what we are trying to sustain is life itself, let’s begin by working with the way life works.

“The law is in the land, not in the people” Anne Poelina, a Nyikina-Warrwa (Indigenous Australian) woman who belongs to the Mardoowarra, the lower Fitzroy River, during the launch of Regenerative Songlines Australia.


Bill Reed will explore the dynamic relationship between human and ecological systems and learn why regenerative development is gaining traction worldwide as a viable solution to major global issues. Such initiatives include the Commonwealth’s Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change, which aims to establish regenerative carbon-capture strategies and whole system health within a group of nations that comprise one third of the world’s population.

This conference will examine the distinguishing principles of regenerative development in relation to living systems. Practitioners who are interested in moving beyond sustainability simply as a damage-mitigation method will benefit from this presentation.