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Feb 8 2018 Symposium /

Ryerson Symposium: Borders in Architecture

6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West




Ryerson University Architecture Symposium 2018: Borders in Architecture

As architects and designers, we are constantly defining borders. Some may be physical, such as solid walls and fences, while others may be cultural, political, or economic, such as a dress code at a restaurant, or a set income level required to rent an apartment. What then is the role of the architect in the conversation on these and other barriers within the social realm? How might architecture be used as a tool to facilitate the progress of a society? Through the manipulation of borders, architects have the power to influence how people interact with each other and the surrounding environment.

Join us at the Gladstone Hotel on February 8th at 7pm for an evening of discussion and debate on the topic of Borders in Architecture.



Ian Chodikoff, IIDEXCANADA


Susan Ruptash, Quadragle

Annabel Vaughn, ERA

Alex Bozikovic, Globe and Mail

Craig Race, Lanescape