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Apr 4 2016 Lecture /

Robert Moffatt: Building a Better Tomorrow: The Schools of the Toronto Board of Education 1950-1965

7:00 PM

University of Toronto Health Sciences Building, 610-155 College St

Free Admission - Donations Welcome

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Faced with growing hordes of Baby Boom children, the Toronto Board of Education undertook a massive construction program during the 1950s and early 1960s. Board architects Frederick Etherington and Peter Pennington, drawing upon Modernist design principles, created fresh, lively and inventive school buildings for the postwar generation. Today, many of these now-historic schools are in need of renewal and at risk for redevelopment. How can they be preserved?

Robert Moffatt is the author of Toronto Modern, a primary online resource for Toronto’s heritage Modernist architecture. He is a marketer for architecture and design firms.

Editors notes:
The first in a series of 3 lectures, thematically linked by 3 current Toronto buildings at risk. Few postwar buildings have been listed or designated, and such protection is no guarantee of preservation in Toronto´s fast changing cityscape. The fourth in the series will be a panel discussion of the role and state of heritage conservation.