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Apr 24 2021 Online Learning /

Reimagining Blackness and Architecture

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Online course via coursera
Approximately 14 hours to complete


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About this Course

Architecture structures our daily lives. It shapes our homes, streets, neighborhoods, cities and more. But who gets to create and occupy these spaces? In the United States, a long history of anti-Black racism has created spatial inequalities that are built into the physical environment and erased the stories of Black architects and communities.

Reimagining Blackness and Architecture explores the relationship between architecture and Blackness as an identity and a lived experience. You’ll hear directly from Black artists, architects, scholars, and writers who reimagine their surroundings and highlight the ways Black makers have changed the world. You’ll see how architects are working to transform American cities into more equitable places using everything from textiles, hip hop, and fiction to spices and spaceships. And you’ll hear from an international range of artists, who create spaces for their communities and make visible the stories of Black life in their work. The course is structured around five themes: Imagination, Care, Knowledge, Refusal, and Liberation. Each week, through original films, audio interviews, and readings, you’ll expand your understanding of architecture as a practice that reaches across time, place, and form. Creative activities and prompts for reflection will encourage you to consider your own role in shaping your communities.

What you will learn

  • Recognize how race and racism shape architecture and the built environment and the role we as individuals play in creating a just and equitable world
  • Explore work by Black architects and artists and discover how Black makers have shaped and reimagined the built environment
  • Find inspiration by learning about the ways Black makers have fashioned their own paths and advocated for better futures

Offered by New York’s Museum of Modern Art.