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Park(ing) Day

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Re-imagining parking spaces as people spaces

Park(ing) Day is a global, public, participatory art project that takes place annually on the third weekend of September. Across the world, people temporarily repurpose on-street, boulevard or lot parking spaces and convert them into tiny parks and places for art, play, and activism.

Why Park(ing) Day?

Park(ing) Day is a unique and exciting opportunity to engage in the ongoing dialog around how our cities are designed and built. The event draws attention to the need for improving access and quantity of public open spaces in densely populated urban areas as well as the need for these spaces to provide social and environmental engagement. The ethos of Park(ing) Day is to celebrate the use of urban public space for people and challenge the dominance of the automobile in cities.

The event will take place from Friday September 16 until Sunday September 18.