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Jul 12 2020 Online Learning /

Ontario Building Code (Parts 10 & 11)

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


During this online workshop, the Renovation and Change of Use (Parts 10 & 11 of Ontario Building Code) will be covered. The workshop will be conducted in two sections, the first will go over parts 10 & 11 and review the codes Knowledge, and in section two, participants will learn to apply the codes over a real existing project. This workshop is essential for Architects, intern Architects, Designers, Technicians, Planners, Professional Engineers, Building Permit Examiners, and anyone who is directly and indirectly related to building industry

The workshop will lrun from 10:00 am – 2:00pm and you will give 10 min of break in every hour, as long as your computer microphone is off, you can feel free to have coffee, and tea during the instruction, however having a camera is not mandatory but recommended to show your present during the workshop.

By finishing this workshop, you will be awarded a certificate of attendance, which has 4 credit hours of structured learning.

Email asedesignandbuild@yahoo.com to obtain registration instructions.