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ONLINE | Jane’s Walk Festival Toronto reimagined*

May 1 - May 3

Live Stream Walks,
Self-Guided Walks,
& 3D Online Walks


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Their walks might have changed, but the Jane’s Walk Festival is more committed than ever to continue for 2020. Thanks to the efforts of many that have contributed feedback as part of their #sharewithus campaign, the festival has been able to overcome the obstacles of physical distancing. They have collated a number of different formats to continue the impact of sharing stories, creating community and supporting one another through this difficult time.

Three different “reimagined walks” are available for individuals to participate in: live walks, self-guided walks, and 3D walks.

  • Live walks: these walks are led by individuals that wish to stream their walking tours via their phone either by a video conference application or a telephone conference.
  • Self-guided walks: these walks are created by submitting a combination of photos, videos, and text of a walking tour.
  • 3D Walks: these walks will be created on Tour Creator by individuals that wish to create a 3D walk-through of their tours. The application uses a combination of photos, videos and text to create these visuals through the Google platform.

Once individuals have submitted any of these 3 formats Jane’s Walk will be promoting them through their communication channels as well as through their interactive map found on their website that will compile every walk in one central place.

You can find our more details, tutorials, and guides on the event website. Jane’s Walk is also available to answer any of your questions and guide you through this process: email them at torontosupport@janeswalk.net.