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Jun 21 2021 Event /

OCAD University | Narratives Through Global Space: Screening and Panel

June 21- 25, 9:00 -10:30 AM



We’re celebrating Filipinx Heritage Month with the launch of Narratives Through Global Space! In partnership with Mapúa University (Manila, Philippines), this virtual residency brought together 20 students to collaborate and develop a series of 10 experimental short films. Over the course of five months (September 2020 – February 2021) this virtual residency recognized the profound and essential value that diversity brings to the creation, reception and circulation of creative practices and discourse.

Led by Julius Poncelet Manapul (Associate Chair of Contemporary Drawing & Painting, Assistant Professor at OCAD U), and co-taught with Natalie Waldburger (Interim Chair of Sculpture/Installation, Professor at OCAD U), along with Mapúa U faculty supervisors John Xavier S. Chavez (Professor in Writing for New Media Studies) and Roberto R. Ang (Professor in Documentary Film Studies), participants were given the opportunity to work collaboratively in pushing experimental film narratives across both Canadian and Filipinx cultural spectrums amidst the global backdrop of the pandemic. In collaboration with the participants from Mapúa University, students will join the project in promotion and research led by Dr. Marissa Largo (Assistant Professor in Art Education at NSCAD).

Join us for the screening event series featuring behind-the-scenes look into the filmmaking and panel talks from the creators, university faculty and guest speakers! Learn more about the upcoming films HERE

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Monday, June 21, 9am-10:30am EDT

New Relationalities in Film Narratives

• “Cracking the Connection Code” by Amanda Foulds & Daniel Rafael V. Ramos

• “Indak ng Saudade” (Dance of Longing) by Sofia Velosa Borges & Fatima Louise C. Estrada


Tuesday, June 22, 9am-10:30am EDT

Be/Longings, Hauntings, and Intergenerational Connections

• “Tú and Ako, Ikaw and Yo” (You and Me) by Luis Cisneros Alavez & Samantha Buso

• “Lola, Poh Poh: This Is Everything I Didn’t Say” by Agnes Wong & Angelica C. Llanera


Wednesday, June 23, 9am-10:30am EDT

Kinship, Symbol, and Materiality

• “Abaca-Kenaf” (Rope) Vic Leonard V. Ventosa & Raha Fard

• “Kahon” (Box) by Andrea Guerrero & Daniel James Magayon


Thursday, June 24, 9am-10:30am EDT

Belief, Folklore, and Intergenerational Connections

• “Defying Divinity” by Evelyn Trista Baik & Lauren Gabrielle Gonzalez

• “Makahiya” (Ashamed) by Patricia Anne Nino & Isadara Malaya Bulaklak


Friday, June 25, 9am-10:30am EDT

Constructing Self through the Experimental: Femininities and Queerness

• “In Our Being” by Ghislan Timm & Jann Earl Q. Madariaga

• “Parang Yiyang” (It Seems The Same) by Chyna Faye G. Merin & Jessica Li