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Jun 22 2021 Lecture /

OALA | The Art + Culture of Public Bathing: A landscape perspective

6:30 PM

Online via Zoom



OALA + VTLA Studio + Park Street Solutions present The Art + Culture of Public Bathing: A landscape perspective.

World Bathing Day on Tuesday, June 22 6:30 – 8pm on Zoom.

Join us to learn how water issues are related to culture, and to consider our role as designers and citizens in water stewardship through the lens of public bathing and public space design.

In conversation with

  • Christie Pearson OAA and the author of “The Architecture of Bathing: Body, Landscape, Art”
  • Elise Shelley OALA, Director of Landscape, gh3
  • Pina Mallozzi, Vice President Design, Waterfront Toronto

One lucky attendee will also walk away with Christie Pearson’s Book “The Architecture of Bathing: Body, Landscape”.