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Sep 10 2020 Online Learning /

OAA Webinar | A Leadership Shift: From Diversity to Inclusion

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

OAA Architect, LTOAA $39 + HST, OAA Interns $29 + HST, Non-Members: $59 + HST

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Webinar Description

This leadership topic recognizes the change in how practices manage their people and shape culture. Creative businesses benefit from inclusive leadership and cultures where different perspectives and diversity of thought contribute to ideas and problem-solving. Leaders of and within architecture practices can develop inclusive leadership skills to benefit their people and practice. And, they can encourage change for the practice to become more inclusive, benefiting their people and business.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the shifted paradigm from diversity to inclusion in business and leadership.
  2. Learn the key concepts for inclusive leadership and the business benefit for inclusive practice cultures.
  3. Be introduced to inclusive leadership skills for leaders of teams and businesses.
  4. Learn a change management model for implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives in the practice.


Russell Pollard, B.Phil.(Leadership), MBA, CCLI

Russell Pollard specializes in leadership training and staff engagement. He serves as chair for the Museum of Architecture’s Associates’ Club in London, England and was commissioned by the RAIC to develop its Leadership for Architects program and deliver it across the country. He works with businesses, advising them on people, culture, marketing, and brand. Russell has a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary leadership and an MBA; he is pursuing a Certificate in Leadership and Inclusion.

Registration Fee

OAA Architect, LTOAA $39 + HST
OAA Interns $29 + HST
Non-Members: $59 + HST

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** Registration will be closed on September 9 at 11:59 PM. **