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Oct 18 2022 Event /

OAA President’s Visit 2022

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Online via Zoom

Free (TSA & NOSA Members only)

Find the link to register in the September 20 TSA Bulletin!

Photo by Michael Tenaglia, courtesy of the OAA.


OAA President Susan Speigel will be making a virtual joint visit to the TSA (Toronto Society of Architects) and NOSA (Northern Ontario Society of Architects) at 12:00 PM on Tuesday, October 18. Come hear about the work that is being carried out by the OAA, provide feedback on their initiatives, and ask any questions you might have!

These informal sessions are designed to encourage member feedback and provide a direct link to members of Council. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with the OAA and let them know the issues that are important to you. This year the visit will focus on the OAA’s Strategic Plan and climate action goals. We will also be joined by Pro-Demnity Insurance President Bruce Palmer to speak about trends in the profession and practice.

Want the OAA President to address a specific issue? Is there an OAA initiative or program you want to learn more about? Let us know at tsa@torontosocietyofarchitects.ca!



12:00–12:10 PM Introductory Remarks
Welcome and Introductions by Society Chairs
Recognition of Traditional Lands
Brief Remarks by OAA President
12:10–12:15 PM Ice-Breaker: Networking in Breakout Rooms
12:15–12:35 PM OAA Strategic Plan: Overview and Impact on Societies
12:35–12:50 PM Climate Action Goals: Update
12:50–12:55 PM Remarks by Pro-Demnity Insurance Co. President & CEO
12:55–1:15 PM Discussion of Profession and Practice Trends
1:15–1:30 PM Open Discussion on Topics of Interest/Concern


PLEASE NOTE: This is a TSA + NOSA members only event! To register, please use the link provided in our September 20 TSA Bulletin. Can’t find the link? Email us at tsa@torontosocietyofarchitects.ca and we’ll be happy to assist you.