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OAA Council Elections

Nominations Close October 26, 2020


OAA Council sets policy direction, making critical decisions regarding the future of the profession and directly, tangibly affecting practices and the individual careers of members.

There are seven seats on Council up for election or re-election for 2021; these include five seats for Architects, a seat for a Licensed Technologist OAA, and a non-voting seat for an Intern Architect. While elections are based on geographic representation across the province, it is important to note Councillors do not represent a member constituency—rather, they govern on behalf of the public interest.

Serving on Council is an excellent opportunity to participate in the privilege and responsibility of self-governance that the provincial government entrusts to the profession. From developing educational requirements and expected standards of practice to Act enforcement, Continuing Education, and government relations, you can help shape the future of the architecture profession.

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Key Dates:

October 5 | Nomination forms sent
October 26 | Nominations close
November 9 | Ballots sent
November 23 | Voting closes
November 24 | Results announced
January 1 | New term begins