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OAA | Call for Members: Education Continuum Committee


Get involved! The OAA is looking for members for its newly established Education Continuum Committee.
The Education Continuum Committee’s mandate is to oversee and respond to matters related to the entire spectrum of education. It encompasses primary and secondary education to higher education, followed by internship, licensure and the various phases of practice and finally concluding with retirement. The Education Continuum Committee shall provide thoughtful and responsible consideration of the complex and rapid changes in the field of architecture—specifically in the field of education, continuing education, and professional development. The Committee will also consider aspects of public education regarding the architectural profession and the contribution of architecture to society.

To read its Terms of References, click here.

Volunteers are important to the work of the Association, and a diversity of voices, opinions, skills and knowledge is critical to the decision-making process. The OAA recognizes the inherent benefit of encouraging the active participation of all members in its volunteer opportunities and is committed to having Committees representative of the profession now and in the future.
Recognizing that the number of women in the profession is increasing, and that the profession is becoming more diverse, the OAA has committed to greater diversity and inclusion as well as to working toward gender parity in its appointments process. The OAA Council formally adopted a policy that strives for inclusion, diversity and gender parity on all Committees back in 2017.
Ready to get involved? Please complete the Indication of Interest form and send it, along with your CV, to oaaconed@oaa.on.ca by Friday, July 26.