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Jul 13 2018 Calls / Competitions /

OAA: blOAAg Call for Submissions


Even the most technologically savvy architects and designers will emphasize the importance of hand drawing. Sketching is a key part of the design process; emotive and gestural, it is a powerful tool that captures the overall concept of a design and reveals the architect’s thoughts and vision. Sketches are evidence of our curiosity and our attempts to understand the ideas that shape our world. Sketches record not only what we see, but also what we are thinking, what we know, and what we wish to see.

The 2018 summer edition of blOAAg will explore and highlight architectural sketches in the series Summer Sketches: Capturing the Essence of Architectural Ideas. From the built to the speculative, we are interested in highlighting the architectural sketch, as part of an iterative exploratory design process, as a means of visual representation or simply as a thoughtful reflection on the environments that pique your interest.

Do you or your practice have hand sketches of a past, recent or unbuilt project? Please share your story and let us know!

E-mail OAA Architectural Graduate, Courtney Meagher with your contribution.
Deadline to submit is Friday, July 13, 2018.