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Oct 5 2019 Exhibit /

Nuit Blanche Toronto

All night long


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Toronto’s free all-night contemporary art event invites adventurous residents and visitors to take to the streets from sunset to sunrise. Experience Toronto transformed by hundreds of Canadian and international artists. One night only, all night long.

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019 Theme:


The city of Toronto and its inhabitants are in a constant state of becoming. This progression follows many paths through the night of Nuit Blanche. The cycle of creation and destruction that simultaneously depletes and feeds, the elevation of the notable into a place of renown nobility, the challenge of finding inner calm and enlightenment in the midst of it all.

Underlined by the ever-present renewal of night into day, all are part of a continuum of experience and ideas. In a world that feels increasingly polarized, Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019 responds to the interconnected and often contradictory paradoxes of life in the changing city.