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Feb 21 2023 Lecture /

NORR Lecture Series: Teach, Learn, Improve Continuously

February 21 - November 21

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The NORR ed 2023 Program features a diverse and inclusive lineup of distinguished professional speakers. All sessions will be presented virtually in a live forum.  You can also access the recorded sessions on NORR’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

As part of the NORRForward global initiative, NORR ed is a lecture series established in 2007 to bring the most distinguished Architects and Engineers to share their career and professional ideas of the built form. The core purpose is to Teach, Learn and Improve on a continuous basis across three dedicated streams: Architecture Series, Engineering Series and Master Series.

The lecture series was traditionally offered as an in-house education program which complies with the Registration of Architectural Associations Continuing Education core requirements. As it gained recognition, NORR ed went virtual in 2020 and is now offered to employees, clients, partners, colleagues across the globe – providing valuable continuing education and credits.



NORR’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, NORRForward, will help to create more resilient communities for future generations. As architects, engineers and interior designers, we have a responsibility to lower carbon emissions through sustainable design; improve the human experience by innovating a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion; and enhance social benefits in our local and global communities.


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