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May 20 2020 Online Learning /

Managing Construction Contracts under COVID-19 – A Force Majeure Event

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

249 - 1 Attendee, $399 - 2 Attendees


Whether you are legally responsible for losses or receive an equitable remedy for the outbreak of Covid-19 will depend upon your contract, insurance coverage, and actions that you can take now This presentation will equip you with the factors needed to demonstrate a force majeure event under your contract; giving proper prompt written notice; as well as taking mitigation steps to meet performance obligations. You will gain techniques to give timely notice that provides enough flexibility based upon rapidly evolving fact. This webinar will evaluate how change orders for additional time, money for overhead or increased costs, or both may be treated. In addition to force majeure, you will about other potential remedies including emergency and safety clauses, change of law, extended suspensions, and ramifications of potential terminations by the owner as well as the contractor. You will also learn avenues to explore possible insurance coverage and some obstacles for doing so.

What you’ll learn:

  • Analyze your contracts concerning delays caused by acts beyond your control
  • Gain techniques to give prompt written notice for delays that do not preclude adjustments for rapidly evolving facts
  • Understand factors that help demonstrate that delays and disruptions are a force majeure event that make performance impractical, impossible, or infeasible
  • Learn how the AIA and ConsensusDocs standard contracts as well as the applicable federal acquisition regulations (FAR) handle force majeure events
  • Understand how express provisions addressing emergencies, suspection, termination and implied remedies addressing for impossible or impractical performance may apply