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Feb 6 2020 Forum /

M.Arch Symposium in Collaboration with Canadian Architecture Forums on Education (CAFÉ): Toward an Architecture Policy for Canada

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Sidewalk Labs
307 Lake Shore Blvd E

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On February 6th, 2020 a two-part event will be held at Toronto’s Sidewalk Labs. In collaboration with the Canadian Architecture Forums on Education (CAFÉ) series, the first year Master’s of Architecture class is excited to present the opportunity to participate in various discussions that will support the research for a national architecture policy for Canada.

The CAFÉ Ontario edition is a part of a series of forums taking place across Canada, bringing together educators, students and academic researchers to ask questions related to the themes outlined by CAFÉ: place, people, prosperity, and potential. These themes will provide the basis for debate on the role architects and students can have to enact change within the profession. The feedback from CAFÉ Ontario will be part of the research that informs the written report and vision statement to be compiled by the summer of 2020 that showcases the desirability of a national architecture policy of Canada and who it will serve. Register for this part of the day here (4 – 7 PM).

The M.Arch Symposium panel discussion departs from the forum and extends the discourse further to include current policymakers, urban designers, and architects. The panel will engage topics surrounding the challenges of devising and implementing a successful national architecture policy. The interdisciplinary panelists will enable a diverse conversation about the opportunity to elevate Canada’s design identity on a global scale in order to join the ranks of other countries already engaging a national architectural policy. The complex nature of conducting a national architectural policy requires rigorous research, planning, and support across disciplines to ensure it achieves its stated goals. The debate will critically investigate what goals are necessary to pursue and the challenges associated with bringing them to fruition. Register for the M.Arch symposium here (7 – 10 PM).


4:00pm – Doors open: Arrival, meet & mingle

4:30pm – Introductions

4:45pm – Presentations

5:30pm – Round-table Consultations

6:15pm – Exchange, Discussion & Questions


Stephanie Steriotis, M.Arch student, Ryerson University, CAFÉ Ontario Leadership

Lisa Landrum University of Manitoba, CAFÉ Project Lead

Craig Race Architect and Co-Founder of Lanescape

Susan Ruptash Principal Emeritus, Quadrangle

Adam Krajewski, Valerie Marshall and Jana Nitschke, M.Arch Students, University of Toronto, GALDSU

Devin Arndt and Nicole Rak, M.Arch students and Sustainability Collective Directors, University of Waterloo

Jesse Martyn and Vincent Perron, M.Arch Students and ARCHUS Members, UBC, SALA

Karen Mills and Sarah Yoes, M.Arch Students, Dalhousie University, members of Equality in Architecture (EiA)


7:00pm – Symposium Panel Presentation and Open Discussion, Moderated by Ian Chodikoff


Anne Cormier, Professor, Université de Montréal andfounding-partner of Atelier Big City

Toon Dreesson, President of Architects DCA, Past-President of the OAA, and Rise for Architecture team member

Alex Josephson, external link, co-founder of PARTISANS and Lecturer at Daniels

Peter Milczyn, former Ontario Minister of Housing and policy strategist with PM Strategies

9:00pm – Social