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Mar 3 2020 Lecture /

Lecture: Yusuke Obuchi, “Arms Race”

6:30 PM

Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
1 Spadina Crescent


An arms race is on in the worlds of computation and architectural fabrication research. Robots with increasingly large, fast, and powerful capabilities are available and can produce outputs with military-grade precision. The assumption is that, through the use of these advanced tools, architects will advance the production of outputs — but can these tools be developed with traditional forms of human engagement still in mind? Robots are not particularly adaptive. They do not integrate changes with ease — at least, not yet. Humans, on the other hand, exhibit great capacity for adaptation but lack the precision of robots. How could precision and adaptation be combined in architecture, specifically within the context of Japan, where imperfections are embraced as part of an ideal form?

This lecture will explore that question, with a presentation of a series of small-scale building projects in Tokyo.

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