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May 3 2016 Forum /

Leaside Architecture: The Path to Modernization

7:00 - 9:00 PM

Amsterdam Brewery, 45 Esandar Dr, Toronto

Free Admission

Leaside Matters presents a public discussion focussing on the architecture of Leaside and it’s evolution into the 21st century. What is the architecture of Leaside, its origins, its value and how can it be updated into the modern era through design? The consistent architectural character of Leaside’s streetscapes is intrinsic to its success and reinforces the Garden City principles used by landscape architect Frederick Gage Todd in his 1913 plan. How can design support modern living while retaining this cohesive community quality that attracts so many people to Leaside?

Confirmed Panelists:


If you are interested in finding out more about Leaside’s architectural heritage, we encourage to join the Jane’s Walk “Leaside: A Garden City Revealed” on May 6 or May 7, 2016. Visit the Lea Walk page of the Jane’s Walk 2016 website for more information.