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Jul 14 2022 Calls / Competitions /

Joint Corridor Design Competition

Design Team responses will be accepted until 3:00 PM EST on July 14, 2022.


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Metrolinx has launched a design competition to encourage teams to submit innovative urban design and landscape architecture solutions for the Ontario Line infrastructure that will be built around the existing rail corridor extending from Eastern Avenue to Gerrard Street in Toronto.

The objective of the competition is to solicit creative design solutions to challenge of integrating new transit infrastructure into established neighbourhoods. The site of the competition runs along both sides of a two kilometer stretch of rail corridor which will accommodate both the new Ontario Line and the expansion of GO Transit (a regional express rail system). These boundary conditions could be a point of friction between the transit infrastructure and the adjacent urban context. Metrolinx is soliciting proposals that use design excellence principles to transform these interfaces into a unique urban environment that enhances the adjacent neighbourhoods, commercial streets, and park lands.